Testimonials (Coaching)

Consistency, confidence and communication are just some of the attributes that contribute to being a great coach. From what her clients have to say, Hannah has these skills in bucket loads!

Read the testimonials below to find out more about why Hannah is a talented coach – and the reasons her coaching camps are in demand.

“They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I’ve been rowing for over 40 years, yet Hannah has been able to do just that! She is a great athlete with a deep knowledge of rowing. It is this knowledge and experience – combined with her intelligence, generosity of spirit and ability to listen – that make her a great coach.” – Kath

“As a veteran rower/sculler, rowing smarter becomes – all too obviously – the name of the game as the years pass by. This is where Hannah has helped me so much. I am now much more focused on those critical subtleties of the technique. Consequently, the requisite pace now comes much more easily, which of course makes the whole experience with Hannah even more enjoyable.” – John

“Hannah is my coach. She has excellent technique which, as a recent Olympian, one would expect. But more than that, Hannah is a great coach. Why? She is supportive, she is patient, she is quick to praise when one makes the change and always gives 100 per cent while she is out on the water observing my rowing stroke.”

“She is totally professional – always on time and well organised – and I look forward to my sessions with her. I am truly enjoying my rowing with her in the tinny beside me. And, she is strong! She pulls the tinny in off the water by herself! I am delighted that she has committed to coach at the Canberra Rowing Club – and me.”– Anne

“I highly recommend Hannah’s training camps. The combination of on-water work and off-water video analysis and discussion is ideal. Hannah is an extremely knowledgeable coach, with the ability to highlight what needs fixing and the knack of communicating it to the rower. And for those foodies out there, the breakfasts and lunches are great!” – John

“The coaching sessions I have received have been fun, innovative, relaxed and purposeful. The individual insight and instruction was encouraging and positive. With a lot of hard work on improving my technique, the results have been outstanding in training. I cannot wait to see how it translates in competition. I didn’t realise what a rowing legend you are and feel very honoured for your time and coaching expertise!” – Sara

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